Data Architecture and Management Designer certification

Passed the Data Architecture and Management Designer certification today and there by got certified as Application Architect.

There are many blogs already written on preparing for the exam. I am only jotting down how I prepared for the exam in this blog.

The primary factor that helped me in passing the exam is the practical experience gained from past and current exam.

However, just the practical experience would have not helped me pass, I had read the resources to equip myself or the exam.

Good starting point is the TRAIL MIX - Architect Journey: Data Architecture and Management
More important among the badges in the trail mix is Large Data Volumes. Read every bit of information in the badge, do not hurry to complete the badge as you might do with other badges to increase the count.

However, I would recommend you to carefully read / watch the video / do the trailhead modules listed in the trailmix. Do not ignore Salesforce Anti-Patterns, and Hand-On Activities Section in the trailmix.

This “Best Practices for Deployments with Large Data Volumes is another important resource you should read carefully.

Focus on below topics:
Performance Tuning
Reports & Dashboards, Einstein Analytics
PK Chunking
Skinny Tables
Data Archival
Event Monitoring
Pre-go Live Performance Testing
Editing/creating records with “Created Date” fields populated with legacy values.

Thanks to below authors for their blogs:


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