Sharing and Visibility Designer Notes

Today I passed “Sharing and Visibility designer” certification.

Here are the few tips based on how I prepared for the exam.
Before reading I started with watching the “Who sees what Video Series” in Youtube.
Do the Trailmix for Sharing and Visibility.
This StudyBlue notes was useful to prepare for the exam.
After completing these, by now you are nearly prepared for the exam.
Then below are the few things to remember which will help you to answer many questions.
  1. What is “Sharing Set” and how it should be used.
  2. Community (Customer and Partner) user role hierarchy
  3. Profile and Permission Set
  4. Enforcing Visibility using “sObjectType” & “isAccessable()”
  5. DescribeFieldResult and Schema.DescribeSObjectResult
  6. With Sharing and Without Sharing
  7. Granular Locking, Differed sharing Maintenance, Parallel Sharing Rule Recaluclation, Skinny Tables.
  8. Vulnerability, Cross Site Scripting, SQL injection
  9. Report, Dashboard, List view Sharing options
  10. runAs()
    1. Only in Test Methods
    2. Enforces record sharing
    3. Does not enforce user permission and FLS
    4. Ignores License Limits
    5. Mixed DML operations
  11. Creating Public Groups
  12. Sharing Table, Row Cause
  13. Role Hierarchy, Territory Management
  14. Capability of Territory Management
  15. Data Skew
  16. Team Sharing
  17. Encryption in Rest and Transit, Shield, Crypto Class, Encrypted Text field
  18. Bulk update of data and avoiding record lock due to parent.

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