Data Architecture and Management Designer certification

Passed the Data Architecture and Management Designer certification today and there by got certified as Application Architect.

There are many blogs already written on preparing for the exam. I am only jotting down how I prepared for the exam in this blog.
The primary factor that helped me in passing the exam is the practical experience gained from past and current exam.
However, just the practical experience would have not helped me pass, I had read the resources to equip myself or the exam.
Good starting point is the TRAIL MIX - Architect Journey: Data Architecture and Management More important among the badges in the trail mix is Large Data Volumes. Read every bit of information in the badge, do not hurry to complete the badge as you might do with other badges to increase the count.
However, I would recommend you to carefully read / watch the video / do the trailhead modules listed in the trailmix. Do not ignore Salesforce Anti-Patterns, and Hand-On Activities Section in the trailmix.
This …

Sharing and Visibility Designer Notes

Today I passed “Sharing and Visibility designer” certification.

Here are the few tips based on how I prepared for the exam. Before reading I started with watching the “Who sees what Video Series” in Youtube. Do the Trailmix for Sharing and Visibility. This StudyBlue notes was useful to prepare for the exam. After completing these, by now you are nearly prepared for the exam. Then below are the few things to remember which will help you to answer many questions. What is “Sharing Set” and how it should be used.Community (Customer and Partner) user role hierarchyProfile and P…

Passed my Salesforce Platform Developer 2 Multiple Choice exam

Today I passed the “Salesforce Platform Developer 2” multiple choice exam that I wanted to for a long time. Eagerly waiting for the email from Salesforce with the certificate.

I completed the “Super Badges” by Dec 2017, didn’t have the courage to take the exam until now. There are reasons why I was resisting the temptation to take the exam for a long time. You don’t get to work on all the topics the exam tests you in your day-to-day coding life.Even if you work on those topics chances of you remembering and recollecting purely on your experience alone is not possible (at least in my case).Test will be mostly of those edge case scenarios for which you have to remember the “limitations and Considerations” quite well. For all the reasons stated above I would recommend anyone to take some time to prepare well before appearing for the exam. Well that’s what I did. Here is what I did to prepare for the exam: Go through the developer guides fully at least once Apex Developer guideVisualforce …

My first post – why this website

I was hosting a Wordpress websit in AWS earlier and below is the content of my first post.

I fancied to have my own website for a long time. Since I never considered myself as good story teller, had no urge to create a blog site using or But then my curiosity to know about AWS led me to create an EC2 instance and install WordPress. Now that the website is in place, I plan to use this as a my tool in the cloud to record interesting technical stuffs and my experiences so that I need not worry about forgetting when I need them.
Below are the steps I noted down while I was working to get this site up and running.
Create and instance (Ubuntu) Look for documents in AWS follow what is said in it to create an instance. Get Key value pair Use puttykeygen to generate key Use putty to connect to ubuntu through SSH
Install LAMP Follow what is written the blogs below to install Apache2MySQLPHP (…